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Caring about being a better person is a wonderful, important thing and I think you deserve a treat for it.

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If you give a shit, I’ve got a podcast just for you!

How To Be a Better Person Podcast

How to Be a Better Person: A Daily Podcast

You want to be your best self, but then, well… life gets in the way.

How to Be a Better Person is here to help. Every day, I’ll share one simple thing you can do in the next 24 hours to rise above. Let’s be part of the solution, together!

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“I just discovered this podcast—wow wow wow. Can’t wait to listen to more!”

—B. Shiny

“The BEST way to start my day.”

—G Saroyan

“This pod has become an ingrained part of my daily ritual. It’s a true gift to not only come away with a small, actionable step, but also to feel like I’m part of a bigger movement toward something greater—I have told many others about it!”

—Cindy K.

“Kate offers practical and thoughtful ideas that are easy to implement and has a great way about her.”


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