How to Cope in a Time of World-Wide Re-emergence


This week on the podcast is re-emergence. How to shake off the heaviness of our pandemic winter and use this particular spring as an opportunity to be a better version of yourself. Today’s big idea is that even though we are undoubtedly living through a time of re-emergence, we need to be mindful of how we do it. 

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After all, we just went through something just epically scary and exhausting. I’ve definitely talked to some folks whose lives didn’t change all that much. And others whose lives were just put in a blender. And then everything in between. As a mom, I’ve talked to many many other moms who basically bore the brunt of this pandemic. They filled in as teacher, day care worker, and caretaker in addition to their regular jobs. And I know they are feeling particularly fried right about now. 

Wherever you are on that spectrum, although you may feel a strong desire to get back out there and do all the things you’ve been missing. And although you may feel a strong sense of pressure to get back to being productive, bringing money in, getting things back to normal, here’s the thing:

We need to go slow

It’s like collectively we are all bears or frogs or hedgehogs or any of the other animals that hibernate, and we’ve just woken up from the winter. There are ways in which we have been beat up. Emotionally, mentally, physically, stressfully. We’ve been going without in a lot ways and just like hibernating animals are weak and disoriented when they first start stirring in the spring, so are we. 

Your tiny assignment for today, and all the days during this transitional time is simple:

Be as gentle with yourself and with everyone else as you can during this time of re-emergence.

My mom recently had knee surgery. And she needs to be mindful that she gets enough movement during the day without pushing. And that’s just what we need too. To Remember to not push. To allow ourselves the privilege of gentleness wherever we can find it. And to do what we can to restore ourselves and digest what we’ve just lived through so that when we do emerge, we’re in a better place.

And remember, we are by no means out of the woods yet

Businesses and schools are re-opening. States are dropping their mask mandates. And cases are all but assured to rise again. The news is still good–as I write this, the United States has made great strides on getting people vaccinated. (Although we need to be mindful that we’re not hoarding the vaccine because Covid is bad in many other countries that might not have the money to outbid us on the vaccine. Equity is a worldwide concern). 

But when I saw my doctor recently for my annual physical, she told me she had seen a LOT of cases of Covid that were contracted after people had gotten the first dose of the vaccine but hadn’t yet received the second. We’ve come so far on getting cases down from their peaks, but we’re not done yet. Even though the warm weather is calling us outside and the lowered cases can make it feel like it’s OK to go back to non-masked life, we really need to hold on a little longer. We can do this. To totally let our guard down now would be to like celebrating because we finished a marathon when we’re still on mile 23. We just need to hold on a little longer. And giving ourselves some grace during this process will help us do just that. 

How do you do that exactly?

Here’s a question to ask yourself as you’re considering what step to take next: What’s the most loving option? It prompts you to check in and ask your inner wisdom what the next right step is, instead of getting carried away with excitement or impatience or anything. 

Wishing you a thoughtful, restorative re-emergence. 

I’ll talk to you next week. 


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