Holiday Gifts That Actually Makes the World a Better Place


I’m writing this week to offer a holiday solution to those of you who may be still scratching your head about what to give the people on your list. As a writer, I’m biased, and as an author, I’m a borderline stage mom, but if you would like to give that certain someone a gift that is helpful, loving, and thoughtful, I have three books that I wrote that I truly believe fit the bill nicely.

Meaningful Holiday Gift-Giving

Although they each have a specific purpose (and I tell you who I think they are the best fit for below), all of these books help you slow down, remember who you are at your core, and make choices that promote peace and create new opportunities—instead of just reacting out of irritation or old habits and perpetuating stress.

When you order a book from me, I will be able to sign and personalize it for you. (I will email you and ask you who to them to sign to and see if there’s any particular message you’d like me to include.)

PLUS, I’m offering a great package deal and FREE shipping. Because, I mean, who doesn’t love a special offer??

The following three books that I wrote are $16.50 each. And it’s only $40 to buy a set of all three! And no matter how many you buy, the shipping is on me!

(Sadly, the free shipping offer is good in the U.S. only; if you live in another country, respond to this email first and we’ll figure out a final cost that works for both of us—then I’ll send you a link to buy. Sorry, Canadians and all other people of Earth! I do love you! It’s just that it costs a ton to ship a book across borders.)

Stress Less
100 Mindfulness Exercises for Calmness and Clarity

Good for: Teachers, moms, best friends, Secret Santa recipients (along with a nice box of tea and/or chocolates)

What reviewers on Amazon have to say: “As soon as I broke it open I could feel my stress dissipating! Great quotes about life from sources as varied as Lincoln and Viggo Mortensen accompany easy, quick ways to adjust your life to keep it from overwhelming you on those days it does.”


How to Be a Better Person
400 Simple Ways to Make a Difference in Yourself—and the World

Good for: YOU, a book club, an activist, teens, recent graduates

What reviewers on Amazon have to say: “I LOVE this book. After two months, I can already see a shift in my energy and behavior. I don’t cuss as much, I’m more patient, I speak more kindly and do not partake in negative talk of any kind…a game changer.”


The Anywhere Anytime Chill GuideThe Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide
77 Simple Strategies for Serenity 

Good for: Anyone facing any kind of chronic ailment—insomnia, digestive issues, a stressful job, caregiving

What reviewers on Amazon have to say: “Usually I find self-help books incredibly boring. This book was very upbeat and easy to read and full of simple, practical techniques that are easy to add to your normal routine. Breathing, meditation, and simple poses or exercises all really help. The table of contents is set up by particular problems so it will be easy to reference in the future.”


I hope this post finds you enjoying—or at least abiding—the holidays. =)

(If you’re feeling overwhelmed by them for any reason, check out this post I wrote last year; I think it will help.)

And, last but not least, you can get all three for $40!

Wishing you a fun and meaningful holiday season.


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