Have You Hit the Wall? Downtime Can Be Mega-Healing


Feeling like you’ve hit a wall recently? Gift yourself with some mega-healing downtime. For myself, the last several weeks (OK, months) I have been thinking about writing a newsletter for you and then not doing it.

It’s just that I was fried. Like so many people, 2020 sucked the life right out of me. I kept up my brave front through the end of January, turned in my last writing project, and then hit a wall.

I kept up with what I had to keep up with. But if it wasn’t a must-do, I didn’t do it.
It’s a huge privilege that I am immensely thankful for (it’s also the result of me doing so many projects in 2020 that I bought myself a little time off).

I just want to report that NOT having too much to do has been mega-healing. I’ve been able to take a class with one of my favorite coaches, had the bandwidth to help out a family member who’s recovering from knee surgery, and do a ridiculous amount of jigsaw puzzles and online Boggle.

I’m sharing because sometimes all you need is to hear someone else’s experience for you to realize, Hey, I need that too.

Because we all have every reason to be really wiped out right about now. And as things continue to get back to normal, it’s going to be super easy to just get right back to being excessively busy.

I wish I could wave my magic wand and send us all to our happy places for several weeks to experience some mega-healing and recover.

For now, this gif will have to do. =)



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