What About 2020 Do You Want to Leave Behind?


It’s time to say goodbye to 2020. Hooray and good riddance! BUT, if you want 2021 to be different–no, to be better–there are some questions you’ve got to ask yourself. Especially the one I’m sharing today.

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Ready for the question that will help you say goodbye to 2020?

I recommend digging up a notebook or a journal that you can use to write down the questions and your answers to these questions. I like to use the notes section at the back of my yearly planner, because I always know where it is, but you can use anything you like.

Here it is: What about 2020 do I want to leave behind?

I’m guessing that 2020 probably has a lot of things that you wouldn’t mind tossing out the window. This is your cathartic moment, your chance to acknowledge what didn’t work, or what totally sucked, or what you’re tired of. Let it all out and get it all down so that you can feel like you don’t have to carry it around anymore.

This step is designed to lighten some of your load, and help you feel a little freer and more energized, and that higher energy will really come in handy as you start thinking about 2021. Just for today though we’re looking back, and taking stock. Digesting, if you will.

Daily Tiny Assignment

Your tiny assignment is to write down the words, What about 2020 do I want to leave behind? And then write down everything that comes into your mind.

Don’t overthink this, just let ‘er rip. Other stuff will pop into your head later, and that’s OK. You can always amend or add. That’s the thing about being a creator–you can EDIT. And what we’re doing now is consciously creating a present and a future that we want.

Some of the things on my list, just in case they inspire you:

  • A workspace with no door. Seriously this Covid era has taught me how important solitude is to me, personally.
  • So much death and fear and lies and division, obviously
  • The feeling that I’ve had since quarantine started that I’m behind on basically everything. UGH I’m so ready for that one to go! And it feels so good just to name it and bid it good-bye!

Now it’s your turn

Happy writing. And for more guidance on new year’s planning, download my e-booke, A Better 2021 in 4 Easy Steps Steps to a Better 2021.


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