Give Yourself Credit For Every Small Win

Give Yourself Credit For Every Small Win

Today’s big idea is that it can actually be very heartening to give yourself credit for every small win — for all the many things you’ve been taking care of, and recognize yourself for your accomplishments. Big, tiny, and everything in between. It’s kind of like in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, when Clarence the angel shows George Bailey all the people’s lives he’s touched. Except, without Clarence.

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How this idea relates to restoration is that sometimes the ego wants proof that you deserve time off before it will allow you to truly unwind.

Well, that’s B.S. because every living thing deserves rest. As rest is a vital part of life. But, sometimes throwing your ego a bone isn’t a bad thing. Not because you’re trying to prove anything. But just because you want to state some facts. It’s also kinda cool to see all the things you did. It helps you build your trust in yourself, to be able to see your track record objectively.

I have this conversation so many times with friends and clients. They say something like, I feel so tired, or so stressed, and I don’t know why. And then we unpack all they’ve got going on, and what they’ve been doing and two things become clear

1) they have really good reasons to be tired, and

2) they are badassess and deserve to feel great about themselves, and not wondering why they’re wiped out.

I mean honestly I do it to myself too

Sometimes you’re just so in the flow of dealing with things that you just lose touch with how much you’re doing and how much you need a rest. This past weekend, my 12 year old daughter was telling me how I’d been so grumpy lately. She actually said it’s like the real me was trapped somewhere in the basement and the me she was talking to was some kind of imposter, lol. Out of the mouths of babes, I tell you.

But it also got me to pause and take stock. I’ve been trying to wrap up a lot of work, and the holidays, and living through a construction project, and all the little things that go awry during any given week—you know, I had every reason to be grumpy. AND seeing that gave me every reason to take a Saturday to just chill. Jammies all day. Takeout for dinner. Turned off the notifications on my phone. Just puttered around the house which is one of my all time favorite activities. It also gave me reason to pause and feel so grateful and privileged that this was an option for me, which gave me perspective on what truly matters.

Daily Tiny Assignment

Your tiny assignment on this quiet in-between time is to make a list of all the very very many things that you can give yourself credit for. Literally write at the top of the page or the note in your phone: I take credit for, and then go to town.  It can be from just the last few weeks, but since this IS the last day of the year, I say go for it and write down anything you can take credit for during this whole year.

I don’t mean to say that your worth is determined by how much you have accomplished

No no no you have worth just because you are a human and alive. I’m just saying, give yourself credit for for every small win that you have exerted some beneficial influence. You’re not seeking praise, you’re just acknowledging that the things you do matter. You’re acknowledging it for yourself. And by doing so, it will normalize perhaps how much you’re feeling in need of restoration.


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