Getting Rid of the Crap That Plagues You

“The problem is not the problem. Your attitude about the problem is the problem.”
– Captain Jack Sparrow

Yard SaleA week ago, I was having “one of those days.” I was working like crazy, but couldn’t finish anything – my audio recorder kept crashing, I lost a draft of a newsletter, no one was answering the calls I needed to make. I know you’ve had those days, am I right?

I was really feeling under the gun, because I had an afternoon out of the office planned: I had scheduled a networking tea and a massage. What had sounded like such a good plan the week before (“take Tuesday afternoon off to make space for inspiration”) was suddenly seeming like a really bad idea.

Typically, if a day goes haywire I can do a little catch-up work at night after the kids go to bed. But this night, a dear old friend who lives far away was passing through town and coming over for dinner and grown-up hang time. There was no way I was going to get any work done for the rest of the day.

Here’s how my thoughts were running an hour before I was scheduled to leave: “I’ve got to get something finished before I leave.” “This day will be a waste if I don’t get this done!” “I can’t possibly stick to my plans.” “Holy sh*t, this day is a trainwreck!”

So I practiced what I preach. I sat still and took three deep breaths. And that’s when I remembered. It’s not the circumstances that stress us out and cause us grief. It’s all the stories we weave about how bad those circumstances that really get us whipped up in a frenzy.

Here’s one thing I know for sure: When it feels like everything is conspiring to keep you stuck and strung out, there’s something going on in your head and your heart that needs to be seen, and that you are resisting.

Taking that moment to get quiet helped me remember that. And it helped me say — I actually wrote it in my notebook — “I am done resisting. I trust that these plans are coming at the perfect time and that stepping away from my desk will help me recognize and release whatever’s trying to get my attention.”

That networking tea was lovely and productive (it’s with the woman who started the company who makes the hot water bottles I’m promoting below). And during that massage, I had a major insight on how my unconscious efforts to stay safe had been causing me physical and existential pain, which led to my newsletter topic from last week. Which led to me signing up a new client and breaking my monthly income record on only the 9th day of the month. (My friend’s visit was awesome too, my favorite kind — quality time talking on the couch sharing a bottle of wine.)

Lesson learned (for the gazillionth time): When you step away from your normal routine with the intention to recharge, magic happens. I’ve experienced it myself and seen it happen for my clients again and again and again.
Kate's Yoga Playhouse

That’s why I’m so proud and excited to announce the next Kate’s Yoga Playhouse mini retreat: One magical day that’s just the kick in the pants you need to get right in your mind, body, and spirit. It’s happening on Sunday of MLK weekend (January 20) at the dreamy Five Bridge Inn in the middle of the woods in Rehoboth, MA.

Here’s what some of the ladies who attended the last retreat had to say:

“I wish I could live at this retreat.”

Kate's Yoga Playhouse Mats“I honestly was so lost in my own head about how to do what I needed to do. At the retreat it all clicked. It was just what I needed to kick-start myself.”

Read all about it and sign up now at There’s only room for 14, and spots have already started to fill. I know it’s the holidays and you have a lot going on, but I can promise you this:

Knowing you’ve got something on your calendar that’s just what you need to clear your head and make wise decisions will help you feel calmer and more supported as the holidays continue to heat up.

If any part of you saying (screaming?) “Yes!,” sign up before midnight on Friday (December 14) and I’ll send you a free subscription to the Daily Unwind — a 30-day email subscription that delivers a 5-minute mind-body practice to your inbox each morning. It will help you stay grounded in the weeks until we meet in person.

And if you’re seriously interested but on the fence, send me an email at and we can find a time to get on the phone and determine if it’s right for you.


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