How Good Would It Feel To Trust Yourself to Get It All Done?

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I bet you know someone like this: a person who just can’t relax until whatever she’s working on is finished, whether it’s a home renovation, a work project, or even a kitchen sink with dirty dishes in it. Maybe this someone is yourself. (I know I certainly spent my fair share of years feeling that way!)

It’s just too common that so many of us spend so much energy beating ourselves up about the things we haven’t finished yet. Especially when the remedy is right there, just under our noses: we just have to change the way we think about what we’re capable of doing. That’s when we can appreciate the things we have accomplished rather than dwelling on what remains undone. And that’s just for starters.

  • Trusting yourself to take good care of all the things that are important to you
  • Knowing how to pull yourself out of overwhelm and get back into a productive groove that feels great
  • Laying your head down on the pillow at night and feeling good about what you accomplished that day

Come learn how to re-wire the thoughts that keep you locked in a cycle of feeling like you’re not getting enough done on the free master class I’m leading next Monday, June 25th.


Discover the #1 Reason You Feel Overwhelmed and How to Break Free!

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On the class, I’ll pull back the curtain on where the thoughts that make you feel overwhelmed are coming from, and how you can nip them in the bud.

When you do, you get more done with a whole lot more ease and grace than you thought possible—and still have plenty of time for the things you enjoy.

I’m offering the class at two different times—choose the one that works for your schedule, grab a notebook, and I’ll see you there!

There will be a replay available for five days after the class (I’ll send out the link to watch it on June 26th), so if you’re busy June 25th but still would love to learn how to go from busting your butt to kicking butt, go ahead and sign up anyway.

And if you know a friend who also struggles with feeling overwhelmed and under-accomplished, share this blog with her and tell her to join you there!


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