Monday mantra: Embrace the New

My windowsill seedlings, who are ready to join their brethren outside

Last night was a new moon/solar eclipse double-whammy powerhouse of clearing old stuff out of our life in order to make way for the new and better stuff. (Check out Susan Miller’s article on How to Deal with Eclipsesfor more info.)

Which has got me thinking about how I/we can lose some of the drama that change always brings up. That’s why my weekly mantra this week is: Embrace the New.

Some ways this will change my reality, this week:

* As I have been out of the house a lot more lately, traveling for work and personal reasons, my 4 year old daughter is going through a clingy phase. She wants me to stay with her long past the time she falls asleep and hang out a while when I drop her off at school (when normally she gives me a quick hug, kiss, and high-five before scampering off). I could get hung up on pining for the days just a couple weeks ago when she was happy to do everything on her own, or accept that this is a natural, finite phase and give her some extra attention until she’s through it. Today, I sat with her in her classroom and we drew butterflies and lollipops for about 10 minutes. And then she was ready to scamper off. Tonight, I’ll give her a longer lead-up to bedtime that’s just us girls.

* I can transplant the seedlings we’ve been nurturing in to pots and get them outside.

* I can prioritize making calls to get some more speaking engagements on the books, since this is the work direction that’s got me the most excited at this particular moment in time.

* I can move the things on my to-do list that will move me in new directions (writing a blog post, for example) above the same-old, same-old things that I know will get done because I’ve been doing them forever (writing an article).

I could make judgments about whether these things are good or bad, wise or foolish, but then, why? This is what’s going on this week. Better to roll with it. Because what we resist persists. And resisting is so tiring!

How ’bout you? What will you do this week to make room for the new stuff that’s showing up in your life?


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