Do You Have Problems, or Pains in the Butt? Or, Look For What’s Right

cut the red tapeMy husband and I are in the process of selling our apartment in Brooklyn. It’s where we lived when we got married and had our two babies, in a gorgeous building in a great neighborhood. When we left the city, we thought we’d keep it long enough to be able to retire in the city. But then we bought a fixer-upper here in Providence (which I wrote about here). Which turned out to be a lot more of a “fixer” than an “upper.” (At least so far.) In other words: we needed a cash infusion.

The market is hot in Brooklyn. Way hotter than we anticipated. And for many other reasons, selling that apartment makes perfect sense. So we hired a broker, spiffed up the dusty corners, and had an open house.

We got 7 offers after that first open house. It seemed like everything was going to be a supreme breeze. And then some little stuff started happening. Buyers got cold feet. We got news of an unexpected assessment. We had some paperwork hoops to jump through. It could have felt like a string of defeats. Demoralizing. Like who were we to dare believe we could wipe away all our financial challenges?

But the truth is, there is so much going right. We have a valuable asset that’s ours to use as we see fit. We have great people on our team who are making it all possible (particularly as we live 3 hours away). It’s a seller’s market. We have a home in Providence we love. We ain’t got no problems.

We have some pains in the butt, it’s true. We’ve got some adventures with the department of buildings, and some checks we’d rather not write, in our future. These aren’t exciting facts, but as the say in New York, waddyagonnado?

Here’s a truth for you: What we focus on grows.

Are you constantly scanning for problems? For situations to lament, toil over, or get pissed off about? You’ve gotta stop doing that! J Because some part of your mind won’t be satisfied until you find something “wrong,” so you’ll keep looking until you find something to be dissatisfied over. And because you’ll overblow a pain in the butt until it becomes a true problem. And because every thought has an energetic consequence that contributes to your future – you really don’t want to be broadcasting your expectations for disaster to the universe, do you?

Look at your list of things you’re worried about. What can you downgrade from a problem to a pain in the butt? Let the energy you don’t have to spend on drama fuel you to take care of that pesky little situation with ease, grace, and speed. You are bigger than any ‘problem.’

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  1. Thank you yet again for the perfect post. We’re in the middle of buying a fixer upper and could certainly use some encouragement to remember why we decided to buy it (location, yard, space, etc) and now I’m getting excited to go look at paint chips 🙂

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