Declare and share your truth

megaphoneI spent a lot of years not really having an opinion, saying “whatever” a lot, and ducking pointed questions about what I thought about something in particular. I was trying to flexible, to go with the flow, keep the peace.

Bleh! It’s no fun, keeping yourself in the dark about how you really feel just for the sake of not ruffling any feathers.

When an old habit, pattern, or train of thought is holding you back, you’ve got to give yourself a new experience to bust out of it. And a great way to have that new experience is to do the opposite of that pattern.

So I wrote a manifesto.

Merriam-Webster defines manifesto as “a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.” Heck to the yes!

Buh-bye, “whatever.”

See ya, “I dunno.”

These are the things I believe from the bottom of my toes.

I BELIEVE to-do lists are for suckers.

I BELIEVE that when you take time out to sit still, you turbo-boost your ability to be productive.

I BELIEVE you can have what you want. In fact, I believe that pursuing what you want is the most important thing you can do.

I BELIEVE that getting your mind and body working together on some task is the best way to hear your intuition.

I BELIEVE in singing your brains out in the car.

I BELIEVE your gut never lies.

I BELIEVE you can have a robust mind-body practice in only 2 minutes a day.

I BELIEVE the best gift you can give your kids is letting them see you share your innate, unique talents with the world.

I BELIEVE listening to your gut will always get you exactly where you need to be.

I BELIEVE authenticity is the ultimate character trait.

I BELIEVE the one full breath you take when you notice yourself becoming annoyed by something is a more powerful practice than 90 minutes of vigorous yoga.

I BELIEVE in small daily doses of mind-body practice, dark chocolate, and red wine (unless it’s summer, in which case I believe in rosé).

I BELIEVE you don’t need to own yoga pants in order to be a yogi.

I BELIEVE in saying what you think.

I BELIEVE in investing in yourself.

I BELIEVE in hugs.

I BELIEVE that when you are true to yourself, you make it possible for the people around you to be true to themselves too. Not because you told them to. Just because they saw you doing it and realized, “Hey, I could do that too.”

Did I mention that I BELIEVE authenticity is the schiz?

What about you? What do you know for sure? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! By saying your convictions out loud, you help draw them to you and make them show up in your life in tangible ways. What’s not to love about that?


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2 thoughts on “Declare and share your truth

  1. I believe that you need to take care of yourself first, before you have the energy & resources to take care of the other people in your life.

    I believe you need to listen to the voice inside you and follow your dreams, or you’ll never be truly happy.

    I believe that everyone needs a 2 a.m. friend to call on if they need to.

    Communication is everything.

    As an introvert, some quiet time alone every day is essential for rebalance.

    I believe age is so much a part of our minds, sometimes even more than our bodies.

    Thanks for a great post!

  2. Thanks so much for this inspiring and insightful post. The word “manifesto” is a great statement in itself.

    I believe that you attract to yourself what you put out to others.
    I believe that we can change our minds at any time.
    I believe that life really is what you make it.
    I believe that love is more powerful than hate.
    I believe that good will always win out over evil, no matter how it looks in the short run.
    I believe that God created women because She understood that the first version had flaws.
    I believe that words can heal as well as hurt.
    I believe that peace is the ultimate universal love.

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