De-clutter to Make Space for What’s Next

make space for what's next

Today’s big idea is that de-cluttering isn’t just about getting rid of things, it’s about making room for what you need now and to make space for what’s next so you can create a future you want. In other words, it’s an essential part of the process of making space for who you are. 

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Some of the things that are registering as ‘clutter’ in your home are actually things that you use a lot but don’t have a designated storage spot. I mean yes, a lot of clutter is likely things you don’t need, but not all of it. In our house, something that’s been lying around everywhere are my husband’s tools. Now, part of this is because our house is a continual project and he does a lot of the work. And part of it is that he’s not great at putting everything away when he’s done with something. A-hem.

But a big part of it is also that he really doesn’t have enough dedicated space for them at the house. You can’t get mad at someone for not putting something away that has nowhere to go. So guess what’s on my to-do list? Decluttering some space that currently holds kid toys they haven’t played with in years and making room for my hubs to keep all the drills and wrenches and boxes of screws and what nots. 

Something I personally am creating more space for is plants

I’m turning into a real plant lady over here. So that means thinking strategically about which spots get good light and what might need to be moved around to accommodate my plant babies. 

You might need a space to exercise now that gyms are closed. Or a better spot to work in than your coach. Or some place to practice your new favorite hobby. Being home more means we’re using our homes differently; which means we need to switch up our space. 

Just like you can’t have a dawn without a night, or a spring without a winter, or a rebirth without a death, you’re gonna have to clear out what came before to make space for what’s next. 

Daily Tiny Assignment

So just as you did a little inventory of what you can let go of because you’re no longer that person–or never were that person–in yesterday’s episode, your tiny assignment today is to think about who you are now and what you currently need more room for.

What are you doing more of?
What are you excited about?
How are you enjoying spending your time?

Making room for these things in your home makes the whole experience more gratifying and joyful. Then tell someone about what your answer is, because sharing something gives it power. 

Thinking about what you want to make space for is exciting. It’s motivating. It can make it feel more desirable to go through and weed out the old stuff that no longer serves as you make space for what’s next.

I know you might be thinking:

But there IS NO ROOM. To which I say, you may not be able to create a tricked out art room, but you can find a drawer, or a shelf, or find, buy, or create some shelves where you can keep your stuff. Where there’s a want, there’s a way. 

Come back tomorrow when I’m interviewing one of my go-to sources on organizing information and inspiration, Katie McCann from Haven NY, who’ll be sharing 5-minute routines that can help you get and stay organized. 


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