Creativity Mantra #1: Make the Headspace


Creative ideas have a hard time penetrating a busy mind. You’ve got to clear a little space in that beautiful noggin of yours. That’s because inspiration often talks in whispers, and if you don’t quiet things down in there, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to hear those ideas clearly. And then an idea feels half-baked or confusing is that much easier to dismiss. The good news is that making the headspace for creativity is not as hard to do as it might seem.

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Make The Headspace:


Put Up A Forcefield

First you’ve to put up a forcefield that protects you from distractions by enacting some boundaries for yourself. Set your phone to Do Not Disturb, or at least turn set your phone to silent and turn it face down so you can’t see the screen light up with notifications. If you’re wanting to do something creative on your computer, there’s a free app called SelfControl that you can use to  block access to certain sites for a certain amount of time. I use it to block myself from going on social media or checking my email when I really need to get in to the zone. 

Create the Environment

Do something to signify that this time is different. Isabel Allende lights a candle when it’s time for her to write. You could put on music. Or turn on a diffuser or light some incense. Or even set a kitchen timer–that’s what the famous Pomodoro Method of time management is all about, because hearing the ticking will help you stay focused on what you set out to do. Maybe you put on a certain sweater or hat. I don’t know–be creative with your creativity! Ha. 

 Do Something with Your Body

I find chores a really great way to invite in some of my best ideas. I have had great ideas while grating cheese or raking leaves. And listen, I know no one wants to do the chores and they’re a source of a lot of upset in households about who does more, but they are also a fact of life and something that need to be done everyday. They are also an opportunity for mindfulness. I know, I know, don’t barf, but they are. You’ve got enough of a mental focus that your mind can settle down a bit, you’re concentrating on what your body is doing. They get your mind and body in the same space in the same moment and that is when you can hear insights and ideas that would otherwise get crowded out.

Einstein said he did his best thinking in the shower. I do mine in the kitchen or in the yard. Some people do their creative thinking on runs. Or walking the dog. Or weeding. If you aren’t sure, hey, maybe you can think about folding the laundry or loading the dishwasher as a chance to get into that good headspace, and not just an annoying chore. 

Daily Tiny Assignment

And that’s your tiny assignment, which is brought to you today by Therapist Preferred, maker of premium organic CBD. To do at least one of these three things I just mentioned to make headspace for creativity. Either, figuring out how you can set a boundary for yourself so that you are exposed to fewer distractions during your creative time, or, setting up your environment for creativity– lighting a candle, turning on music, or something else. Or do something that requires your mind and body to be on the same page. Could be sweeping. Could be walking. Or it could be taking a shower. And do it with the intention of getting into a mental zone where you can hear your ideas. 

I can’t absolutely guarantee that you’ll have a major inspiration. I’m willing to bet that you will, though, and even if you don’t, you’re teaching yourself how to make some space in your mind and your life for inspiration to flow in. Me, I’m going to light a candle while I’m cooking dinner tonight just to remind myself that I’m not there just to get dinner on the table, I’m also courting the muse. 


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