Crawling Out of the Vacation Hole

My family and I had a great holiday break, we really did. We spent tons of time together. We made blanket forts. Did puzzles. Went bowling. Went sledding. Baked. I made chicken stock and even homemade mustard. I also managed to take 2 naps with my 2-year-old—one of them in his 4-foot-long toddler bed. (I didn’t regain my full height for a good 8 hours, but it was worth it!)

mustard  Sledding  Scott and Teddy at Doherty’s

And yet, we also devolved. I lost track of how many days it had been since the kids’ last bath – or my last shower, to be honest. After being gluten-free for months, I went on a wheat flour binge on New Year’s Eve day. I had only a couple of sessions on the yoga mat. It took me several attempts over three days to write a blog post that in the end still didn’t make any sense. It felt like my brain grew cobwebs.

I woke up yesterday morning – the day my kids went back to school after 11 days off – feeling all jumbled up. Excited to have some time to myself. Bittersweet that our together time was over. Eager to get going on some exciting projects. Anxious about getting going on said projects. And all the while, part of me was longing to check out with some aimless Web surfing.

Once upon a time, that cocktail of emotions would have resulted in me spinning my wheels for days, that turned in to weeks, that fast-forwarded in to months. Know what I’m talking about?

Not this time.

First, I tidied up and swept. Buh-bye, cobwebs. Then I did some of the stuff that I’m naturally suited to that also lifts my energy (thank you, coaching clients). And then I got out my calendar. Seeing all the things I’d planned for my own wellbeing and my business before the holiday started anchored me. It also inspired me to fill in other dates so that I could trust in building a momentum that would chug along on its own. By the afternoon, I was back. Better than back, with a speaking gig booked, that blog post written, and an outline of a snazzy new endeavor.

What’s on your calendar that’s inspiring you to get back in to the swing? Or to upgrade that swing to a trapeze?

If your answer is “not much,” or worse, “nothing,” today’s the day to turn that beat around. Get something on the books that scratches some itch down deep in your soul – whether it’s a training, retreat, appointment with a professional, trip, or date to get together with someone who inspires or intrigues you. Even if the event is weeks or months away, knowing you’re committed will soothe that uneasy feeling that you’re starting yet another year caught in an unsatisfying swirl.

If what you’re craving is a chance to get quiet and hear what you really think – so you can make some much-needed decisions that suit who you are at your core – get yourself to the Kate’s Yoga Playhouse mini retreat. It’s one mind-blowing day that’s just the kick in the pants you need to get right in your mind, body, and spirit.

We’ll do some active yoga, some meditating, some reflecting, some visualizing, and then we’ll make some decisions and some commitments to making those decisions stick.

Regiser Now

I’m holding it a beautiful country inn in Rehoboth, Massachusetts; if you need to travel you can spend the night and make a getaway out of it. Just sayin’. 😉

There are just a few spots left, so if some piece of you is thinking yes, show it you’re listening and sign up today. Making a decision based on your gut can change everything.  When it’s time to change your life, change your life!


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