Clearing Something Up

clear visionIf there’s one wish I have for everyone reading this for 2014, it’s this:


When you are clear, you know what you want, what’s possible, and what’s just not acceptable any more. When you are clear, you are a magnet for all the things that you want to find you. When you are clear, you naturally repel opportunities and people who are only going to drain you.

I wrote a while ago about how I had recently gotten clear on something that I hadn’t even fully realized was a dilemma: Whether or not I wanted to continue writing as a professional pursuit. I knew something was up, because I felt like I was walking uphill when I focusing only on coaching.

(When you’re not clear on something, it frequently shows up as life just being hard, obstacles aplenty. In my experience, that’s just you resisting something that’s trying to come in to view. Your resistance is like a smoke screen that keeps you from being clear.)

So I focused on trying a little less hard, easing up on the “I gotta buckle down and make this work” so I could stay open and allow whatever insight was worming it’s way up from my subconscious a little room to come in. (I also talked to my coach about it, natch.) And here’s what I got: I want to write and I want to coach!

Funny how the simplest things seem so difficult and elusive when you’re in that not-clear space. =) Looking back, I think, Duh.

So I wrote a newsletter about the types of writing projects I was now clear I wanted to work on. And guess what?

A bunch of those exact types of projects landed on my plate. I did exert some effort to get them – reached out to editors, sent off a cold email or two – but the size of the gigs in no way matched the amount of effort I put out. Hmm, I’d like to write something like this. Let me do this one little thing to explore that. And BAM. Done.

In fact, I’m currently working on the best-paying writing gig of my career, working with someone I have long admired who completely appreciates my unique skillset and experience. True story!

There are many ways you can sort through all the conflicting thoughts in your head. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I advocate spending time doing some sort of mind-body pursuit, even if it’s only for a few minutes, as a way to hear what you really think and create enough space in your mind to let those puzzle pieces click together in your mind. Totally free, totally powerful.

Another great way to get clear is to talk to someone who knows how to create a safe space for you to say what you’re really thinking and ask the questions that your subconscious mind won’t always allow you to contemplate. As in a coach. Coaching is an investment in yourself, it’s true. But I do always keep an hour or two in my weekly schedule to talk to new-to-me people in complementary one-hour sample sessions. Also totally free and totally powerful. =) If you’d like to head into the holidays knowing that you’re taking a small action that can help draw exactly what you’re looking for out of your head and into your life, email me and we can set something up for the new year. (Until then, I’ll be taking two weeks off from this newsletter to wrap up that juicy writing project and spend time with my people!)

My other wish for you is for a happy and peaceful holiday season. I’m so happy and honored to have you in my life!


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