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The Space In Between

In our new life in Providence, we rent an ark of an apartment with double the space we had in Brooklyn. While I love our new spot, I’ve been surprised at how much I yearn to fill every nook and cranny.

Say It Loud: “I’m Soft and I’m Proud”

Softness gets a bad rap in our society. “He’s gone soft” is a put-down. Having an iron will is a prime indicator of success. But there’s power in being mentally, emotionally, and even physically soft…

On the Mend

My family and I are moving in 10 short days. Which explains why most nights find me sorting our stuff in to move, sell, or give away piles. But there’s one other particular pile that I want to talk about today: stuff that needs fixing.

What Would Super Kate Do?

My parents divorced when I was 8. So my dear Dad, who wanted to give me a little extra oomph during those tough times, had a shirt that said Super Kate! made up for me at the local T-shirt shop.

When Old Thought Patterns Attack

Once upon a time, I smoked cigarettes. I know—gross, gross, gross. I smoked for many years, starting by sneaking my Mom’s True Blue 100s when I was 15.

My Least Favorite Word: Whatever

I think people say “whatever” thinking it makes them sound easy-going. But what I hear is: “I can’t be bothered to engage with you, don’t have the energy to think for myself, or really really need to talk about this but I’m too scared.”

How Much Meditating Is Enough?

I recently had the good fortune to attend a mini meditation workshop with Sharon
Salzberg, where I had the chance to ask one of my most pressing questions about meditation.

Operation Meditation

The truth is some days I completely forgot to meditate. Oops. But that’s the one of the great lessons meditation has to teach: When you get off track, all you have to do is simply start again.

Crawling Out of a Blue Funk

You know that book project I’d been hinting about? The one that had me so excited? A month ago, the publisher canceled the contract.