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The Mother’s Wisdom Deck

Big changes are happening for all the women in my family–my Mom is retiring and moving to Providence to be near us, my grandmother is moving out of her home and in to assisted living, and my 4-year-old daughter is,… more →

The Very Best Time to Practice Is…

Something that’s been coming up in my conversations a lot lately is trying to find the “right time” to do something that gets your mind and body back on speaking terms. As in, “I just need to find the right… more →

Psst. What’s Your Baggage Trying to Tell You?

Last week I traveled to Denver to meet with my business coach and fellow coachees. Four glorious days on the edge of the Rockies, brainstorming with amazing women, working through emotional blocks, mapping out the next few months of work… more →

My Neck Hurts. Must Be Time to Meditate.

Everyone’s got a hot spot – the place in your body that hurts first. Maybe it’s your low back, knee, or shoulder. Mine is my neck. It was always the spot that got kinked up in my early 20s when… more →

A Year-End Mantra: Trust and Relax

I spent yesterday scurrying down the local shopping strip in the rain, getting completely whipped in to a frenzy that I had not bought enough gifts.