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One Powerful Tip to Motivate Yourself to Write

Even though you may get more comfortable with thinking of yourself as a writer (and I hope Monday’s episode, number 592 called How You–Yes You–Can Use Writing as a Tool for Personal Growth, helped with that; if you missed it,… more →

scheduling technique

This Scheduling Technique Will Improve Your Life

It’s really common to pride yourself on your ability to get things done. We live in a capitalist society, after all, where productivity and output is king. BUT, today I’m advocating for a scheduling technique that will switch from letting… more →

paying attention to

What AREN’T You Paying Attention To?

Sometimes the best way to understand something is to think about what it’s not. Similarly, to better understand where your attention is going, it can be helpful to think about what you are either consciously or unconsciously not paying attention… more →

10 Mindful Breaths

Reset Your Brain: 10 Mindful Breaths

One meditation technique that you can use to reset your ability to pay attention is to take 10 mindful breaths with no thinking. That’s it. No sitting for 20 minutes or 30 minutes. No having your foot fall asleep. You… more →

walking can change your life

How Walking Can Change Your Life

I know a lot of people got thrown off of regular exercise during the pandemic because gyms closed. Maybe you walked or ran or rode your bike in the early days of lockdown but then winter set in and it… more →

having a pet

3 Ways Having a Pet Makes You a Better Person

There are three ways having a pet makes you a better person. This isn’t just for my pet parent listeners. If you’ve been thinking about getting some kind of pet, maybe this episode will help give you a nudge. And… more →