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Find a New Rhythm; How Schedules Are Like Songs

Instead of feeling like you’ve got to create and stick to a rigid new schedule–which can be intimidating–it can be helpful to think about finding a new rhythm instead. Because transitions are wonky–sometimes they feel too fast and like your… more →

power of reading

The Healing Power of Reading

Today I’m talking to Becky Karush about the power of reading for our mental health and overall wellbeing. Becky is the founder of Read to Me Literary Arts, where she hosts group writing salons, which I attend and am devoted… more →

messy mentor

Who Is Your Messy Mentor? 

Today’s big idea is that one reason perfectionism is proliferating is because of social media. It’s just so easy to spend hours a day looking at posts of people who appear to look perfect and have perfect lives. And while… more →

inner critic

Make Friends With Your Inner Critic

This week on the podcast, I’m talking about perfectionism. Because as honorable as it is to care about being a better person and to give a shit about bringing your best and making a difference, we can go overboard with… more →


Let’s Face It. Transitions Suck. 

Today’s big idea is that, well, let’s just go ahead and admit it, transitions can be hard. If you’re a parent, you know that tantrums are most likely to happen when something is coming to a close. Whether that’s a… more →

doing for fun

So, What ARE You Doing for Fun? 

Today’s big idea is that in order to invite more fun into your life, it helps to give some thought to what you consider to be fun, and what you’ve been doing for fun lately, and objectively assess whether you… more →

letting go of control

Letting Go of Control (Moms, I’m Looking at Us)

Today, we’re looking at letting go of control, specifically if you’re a mother. Because there is a unique kind of control that a lot of mothers–myself included–display. And while it’s understandable why we seek this level of control, it’s also… more →