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Ask dumb questions

 Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Dumb Questions

Today’s tip is a friendly reminder to raise your hand and ask the dumb questions.  Too often, we don’t ask a question because we’re afraid of looking dumb. But the truth is, if you’re confused about something, chances are someone… more →

Psst. What’s Your Baggage Trying to Tell You?

Last week I traveled to Denver to meet with my business coach and fellow coachees. Four glorious days on the edge of the Rockies, brainstorming with amazing women, working through emotional blocks, mapping out the next few months of work… more →

A Year-End Mantra: Trust and Relax

I spent yesterday scurrying down the local shopping strip in the rain, getting completely whipped in to a frenzy that I had not bought enough gifts.

The Space In Between

In our new life in Providence, we rent an ark of an apartment with double the space we had in Brooklyn. While I love our new spot, I’ve been surprised at how much I yearn to fill every nook and cranny.

Say It Loud: “I’m Soft and I’m Proud”

Softness gets a bad rap in our society. “He’s gone soft” is a put-down. Having an iron will is a prime indicator of success. But there’s power in being mentally, emotionally, and even physically soft…

On the Mend

My family and I are moving in 10 short days. Which explains why most nights find me sorting our stuff in to move, sell, or give away piles. But there’s one other particular pile that I want to talk about today: stuff that needs fixing.