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expanding your comfort zone

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes what we think of as our comfort zone is actually not all that comfortable. There’s something tricky about comfort, and that’s that anything we’re familiar with, we become acclimated to. Even if that thing isn’t actually very comfortable. So, maybe… more →

leave your comfort zone

Do You Need to Leave Your Comfort Zone? 

In addition to upping the cozy factor in your home and in your body–as I covered in the previous two episodes–seeking coziness and comfort is also worthy goals when it comes to making life decisions, like what you do for… more →

keep your body cozy

5 Quick Hacks to Keep Your BODY Cozy

There are easy ways to make your body more cozy no matter where you are, and I’m sharing my top 5 with you. So without further ado, let’s dive in. You’re reading the transcript of an episode of the How… more →

make your space cozier

 5  Hacks to Make Your Space Cozier

Environment is such a big piece of your wellbeing, so today, I’m sharing 5 hacks to make your space cozier. It’s definitely worth taking a little time to set up your space for a little extra coziness. I promise these… more →

feeling cozy matters

The Surprisingly Deep Reason Why Feeling Cozy Matters

Feeling cozy matters and seeking coziness is more than just a comfort measure–it’s a survival mechanism that boosts all aspects of health. How could this be? Well, that feeling of contentment that comes when you’re in a warm place, feeling… more →

successful recovery

The Secret Ingredient to a Successful Recovery

Once you recognize that you are in a recovery phase–and honestly, who among us hasn’t experienced loss and challenge in these last few years–you will naturally want to do something about that awareness. And what you can focus on doing… more →


How To Achieve Contentment

There’s a positive emotion that can help you be happy with what you have and shift out of that mental state where you’re feeling incomplete and like you might need something to fill a hole in your life. Whether that’s… more →


Un-Do 2022: Save Space for Boredom

During this week before New Year’s–which is prime time for a podcast called How to Be a Better Person, don’t cha think?–I’m doing things a little differently than I have in past years. Because after a two-year period like we’ve… more →