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personal development

How Podcasting Is Like a Personal Development Seminar

Today I’m sharing ways that committing  to a creative endeavor – including, but not limited to, hosting a podcast – is like a personal development seminar by sharing the specific ways producing over 700 episodes of this podcast has helped… more →

staying focused

How to Get Better at Staying Focused

Have you been having trouble staying focused on what you want to, or need to, focus on? Today we’re going to talk about how you can get better at staying focused. We’ll cover the two basic categories of attention, how… more →

attention is love

Attention Is Love

What is attention, really? Is it the ability to take in information, or get work done? Well, yes, but it’s so much more than that. Attention is love, and that’s what we’re going to dive into today, in this introduction… more →

assume the best

Assume the Best About Others

Today’s quick hit is to assume the best of someone you don’t know. You may not think that you’re making negative assumptions about other people. After all, most of us know that  to assume makes an “ass” out of “u”… more →


 Tend to Your Network

A crucial, just incredibly vital component of your work life, is your network. And, um, networking isn’t really something we’ve been doing a ton of lately. Our worlds have gotten smaller as we haven’t been going in to the office or… more →

mental health at work

Making Space for Mental Health at Work

The sustained stress, anxiety, isolation, and burnout of the pandemic affected mental health for so very many of us, especially for essential workers, parents who had to manage their kids’ schooling as well as their own work, and people who… more →


The Roots of Perfectionism

As honorable as it is to care about being a better person and to give a shit about bringing your best and making a difference, we can go overboard with it all and feel like crap if we’re not doing… more →