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Your Mess Is Your Message

Your Mess Is Your Message

Today’s big idea is that the things about you that don’t fit an image of perfection are actually a source of strength. They are often actually what you’re here to help other people with. Distilled into one catchy phrase, your… more →


Self-Reflection Rituals for Transitional Times

Today’s big idea is that in this pandemic summer, when we still can’t really predict what the fall, winter and spring ahead will be like, and yet we theoretically are out of the worst of it, is a very transitional… more →

meaner online

Are You Meaner Online Than in Real Life?

Today’s big idea is that it’s really easy to be meaner online than you are in real life. You’re reading the transcript of an episode of the How to Be a Better Person podcast. If you’d rather listen, click the… more →

anger story

What’s Your Anger Story? 

Today’s big idea is that each of us has an ‘anger story,’ or a set of beliefs about anger that we’ve been carrying around since we were little. And those beliefs influence how we experience and interact with anger. By… more →


Is Anger Good, or Bad? Both

This week on the podcast I’m definitely taking a 180 degree pivot from last week’s theme of fun to talk about…anger. Because, I’m guessing you’ve noticed, anger is having a moment. It just feels that collective anger. Like sea levels,… more →