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Happy Thanksgiving- A Funny Story About Gratitude

Today’s big idea is, no surprise about gratitude. After all, it’s Thanksgiving in the US. Essentially a national day of gratitude.  Thanksgiving is my favorite family holiday because it’s really about coming together and sharing a good meal. And there’s… more →

Your Mess Is Your Message

Your Mess Is Your Message

Today’s big idea is that the things about you that don’t fit an image of perfection are actually a source of strength. They are often actually what you’re here to help other people with. Distilled into one catchy phrase, your… more →

wearing clothes that fit

Wearing Clothes that Fit

Body acceptance is something that’s pretty internal. It comes from changing how you think and feel, and while I LOVE talking about the mind component of any change, sometimes you just want to know what to DO differently. Today I’m… more →

think about your body

3 New Ways to Think About Your Body

 Today we’re talking about 3 different, and probably new ways to think about your body that can help you feel better about it and you. You’re reading the transcript of an episode of the How to Be a Better Person… more →


Self-Reflection Rituals for Transitional Times

Today’s big idea is that in this pandemic summer, when we still can’t really predict what the fall, winter and spring ahead will be like, and yet we theoretically are out of the worst of it, is a very transitional… more →


What Fall Is REALLY About  

Today’s big idea is that it’s helpful to think about what the lessons, opportunities, and challenges of each season are; I did a similar episode on summer back in June that got a lot of downloads. So, let’s think about… more →

letting go of expectations

 Letting Go of Expectations

I’m sure you’ve experienced the pain of having your hopes dashed because things didn’t turn out as you expected. How can you let go of expectations and accept changes in plans with more grace? That’s what we’re talking about today. … more →