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The Problems with Wellness: It’s Shaming

The issue with wellness that I’m taking aim at today is that it can be awfully shaming. Whether that judgment is coming from your doctor, an article or podcast or book, or a friend or loved one. We tend to… more →

staying focused

How to Get Better at Staying Focused

Have you been having trouble staying focused on what you want to, or need to, focus on? Today we’re going to talk about how you can get better at staying focused. We’ll cover the two basic categories of attention, how… more →


 Tend to Your Network

A crucial, just incredibly vital component of your work life, is your network. And, um, networking isn’t really something we’ve been doing a ton of lately. Our worlds have gotten smaller as we haven’t been going in to the office or… more →

mental health at work

Making Space for Mental Health at Work

The sustained stress, anxiety, isolation, and burnout of the pandemic affected mental health for so very many of us, especially for essential workers, parents who had to manage their kids’ schooling as well as their own work, and people who… more →

life admin

Life Admin Secrets from a Professional Organizer

Today we are talking about what’s known as life admin, otherwise known as adulting. Otherwise known as dealing with those many, many, many, many, many things that are unavoidable parts of life. Such as paying bills, scheduling appointments, calling the… more →