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doing the work

Find Someone Who’s Doing the Work

Welcome to the Give A Shit Challenge Day Two! Day Two’s focus is on doing a little research to find out who is already doing the work on whatever it is that’s upsetting you. You’re reading the transcript of an… more →

social media for activism

5 Ways to Use Social Media for Activism

You know social media is a fun way to stay in touch with friends, promote your offerings if you’re a business owner, and follow your favorite influencers. But can it also be a powerful tool for creating change? Why yes,… more →

activism less scary

3 Tricks to Make Activism Less Scary

If you really want to do something to help change a big issue but your knees are knocking a little bit, or a lot, I get it. The thought of attending a march, or making calls to your fellow citizens,… more →

use activism

Use Activism to Break Out of Your Bubble

Gandhi said to be the change you wish to see, and of course, he’s right–we can’t wait for others to do things differently, we have to start with ourselves. But, if you only ever think about issues in terms of… more →

letting go of expectations

 Letting Go of Expectations

I’m sure you’ve experienced the pain of having your hopes dashed because things didn’t turn out as you expected. How can you let go of expectations and accept changes in plans with more grace? That’s what we’re talking about today. … more →

change your mind

2 Key Ingredients to Help Change Your Mind

A key piece of being a better person is knowing when and how to re-think your beliefs and change your mind. Because the world is always changing, and our ideas, understanding, and knowledge have to change along with it. That’s… more →


Being a Better Citizen

This week on the podcast, in honor of Election Day, I’m talking about how to be a better, more engaged citizen. Most of us know it’s important vote in our presidential elections, but those only come around every four years…. more →