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relationship recovery

3 Steps to Post-Holiday Relationship Recovery

One area of life that is in need of recovery for a lot of people right now, in this first week after the holidays, is primary relationship recovery. I wrote a blog post called How I Stopped Hating My  Husband… more →


Un-Do 2022: Stop Being Nice

This lead up to New Year’s week on the podcast we are taking a different approach to planning 2022. Because the past two years have been totally out of the ordinary and the world has at times felt upside down,… more →


Breaking the Cycle of Anger

Today I’m talking about anger, a very normal human emotion that can also be scary and can sometimes cause us to do things we regret. Or feel things that we’d really rather not feel. I wanted to reach out to… more →

judge someone

Before You Judge Someone Else, Remember This

Today’s big idea is that during times of transition, it’s easier than ever to judge someone. Which is ironic, because this is when we need to offer each other the most tolerance we can muster. After all, we’re all recovering… more →


Establishing Boundaries: A Way to Show Self-Compassion

Today’s big idea is that establishing boundaries is a huge opportunity to exercise self-compassion. I think for most of us, we think about boundaries primarily as a means of self-protection, which they are, but thinking of them solely that way… more →

setting boundaries

Setting Boundaries Creates Freedom

Today’s big idea is that setting boundaries help you create more freedom in your life. Which might be the opposite of what you think about boundaries–that they draw these stark lines that you can’t stray from, kind of like the… more →

called out

What to Do When You’re Called Out

Today’s big idea is that at some point in your life, especially now that racism and unconscious bias have been made more evident and more spoken about. No matter what race you are, you are likely to be called out… more →