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10 Mindful Breaths

Reset Your Brain: 10 Mindful Breaths

One meditation technique that you can use to reset your ability to pay attention is to take 10 mindful breaths with no thinking. That’s it. No sitting for 20 minutes or 30 minutes. No having your foot fall asleep. You… more →

walking can change your life

How Walking Can Change Your Life

I know a lot of people got thrown off of regular exercise during the pandemic because gyms closed. Maybe you walked or ran or rode your bike in the early days of lockdown but then winter set in and it… more →

mental health at work

Making Space for Mental Health at Work

The sustained stress, anxiety, isolation, and burnout of the pandemic affected mental health for so very many of us, especially for essential workers, parents who had to manage their kids’ schooling as well as their own work, and people who… more →

earn more

Practical Ways to Earn More Money

Today’s big idea is that there are two primary ways to have more money in your pocket–you can spend less, or you can earn more. Or, you can do both. So really we’re talking about three ways. But for simplicity’s… more →

financial mistakes

Forgiving Your Financial Mistakes

Today’s big idea is that we all make financial mistakes. This is a given. No one has a track record of doing the precisely right thing with their money 100% of the time.  It’s really really easy to make financial… more →

net worth

Your Net Worth Is Not Your Self Worth

Today’s big idea is simple but super important to remember. And that is this: Your net worth is not your self worth.  Listen to the Podcast Here I was inspired to make this the first episode of this series of five… more →

perfectionism shows up

Surprising Ways Perfectionism Shows Up

Perfectionism shows up in a lot of different ways. It’s not just the type A, dot every i and cross every T form of perfectionism that a lot of people associate with the term.  I’m going to share some of… more →


The Roots of Perfectionism

As honorable as it is to care about being a better person and to give a shit about bringing your best and making a difference, we can go overboard with it all and feel like crap if we’re not doing… more →

expanding your comfort zone

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes what we think of as our comfort zone is actually not all that comfortable. There’s something tricky about comfort, and that’s that anything we’re familiar with, we become acclimated to. Even if that thing isn’t actually very comfortable. So, maybe… more →

long to get better

Why Is It Taking So Long to Get Better? 

You recover from an illness or an addiction. You recover something that you lost. The economy recovers after a downturn. All of those types of recovery sound pretty needed and welcomed right now, don’t they? But there’s just one problem–that… more →