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doing the work

Find Someone Who’s Doing the Work

Welcome to the Give A Shit Challenge Day Two! Day Two’s focus is on doing a little research to find out who is already doing the work on whatever it is that’s upsetting you. You’re reading the transcript of an… more →

called out

What to Do When You’re Called Out

Today’s big idea is that at some point in your life, especially now that racism and unconscious bias have been made more evident and more spoken about. No matter what race you are, you are likely to be called out… more →


How You Can Be a Leader on Anti-Racism

Today’s big idea is that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start sharing the things you’ve learned about anti-racism and the results of the inner work you’ve done with the people in your circle of influence. (And if you… more →


When Your Impatience Is a Good Thing

This week on the podcast I’m talking about patience. Because when I surveyed listeners about the number one thing they struggle with when it comes to feeling like a better person, they named patience. Or rather, impatience. Because when you’re… more →


Anti-Racism Check-In: How’s That Going? 

This week on the podcast, we are going to check back in on how our desire to be a better person around race. And our efforts to educate ourselves on how to be anti-racists are going. After all, since last… more →

ctivism in a socially distanced world

Activism In a Socially Distanced World

How can we approach activism in a socially distanced world? After all, all the problems we had before Covid are still there. Many of them are getting worse–economic inequality, violence against black people. Elections are coming up. We’re stuck at… more →