bearing witness

The Surprising Power of Bearing Witness

When someone you know and maybe love is facing something tough, it’s easy to want to help. But it’s not so easy to know HOW to do that, exactly. I want to kick off this week’s episodes by pointing out… more →

ways to read more

7 Easy Ways to Read More

Reading is a crucial means to becoming a better person. So today, I’m sharing 7 easy ways to read more.   Let’s dive in. You’re reading the transcript of an episode of the How to Be a Better Person podcast. If… more →

art make you a better person

Can Art Make You a Better Person?

How can art make you a better person? And more importantly, how does it play a role in cultivating decency? I’ve got four reasons to share with you. You’re reading the transcript of an episode of the How to Be… more →

self-care with helping others

Balancing Self-Care with Helping Others

Today’s big idea is exploring how to balance self-care with helping others. I think this is an area where a lot of us get confused, particularly when you hear things like put on your oxygen mask first. And you can’t… more →

helping others

How Helping Others Can Help You Too

Helping others isn’t just a noble thing to do, or something to tick off on a list of things that make you a better person. It’s actually beneficial to you too, primarily because it gets you into a higher level… more →

expanding your comfort zone

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes what we think of as our comfort zone is actually not all that comfortable. There’s something tricky about comfort, and that’s that anything we’re familiar with, we become acclimated to. Even if that thing isn’t actually very comfortable. So, maybe… more →

leave your comfort zone

Do You Need to Leave Your Comfort Zone? 

In addition to upping the cozy factor in your home and in your body–as I covered in the previous two episodes–seeking coziness and comfort is also worthy goals when it comes to making life decisions, like what you do for… more →

keep your body cozy

5 Quick Hacks to Keep Your BODY Cozy

There are easy ways to make your body more cozy no matter where you are, and I’m sharing my top 5 with you. So without further ado, let’s dive in. You’re reading the transcript of an episode of the How… more →