Better Person Principle #3: There’s an Opportunity Inside Every Challenge


Today’s better person principle is very much a mindset, and it is that there’s an opportunity inside every challenge. This principle is helpful because none of us gets through this life without facing challenges–some small, some medium, some huge, some just enormous whoppers. You’re reading the transcript of an episode of the How to Be a Better Person podcast. If you’d rather listen, click the play button below.

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When you’re facing a challenge, it’s easy to feel like there’s something wrong with you, or to feel a little or a lot sorry for yourself. You could easily get bitter, or mad at the world and looking for a fight. These are all very common and very human reactions. And when you’re feeling any of these ways, how likely are you to choose to take the path that help you be a better person? 

Not very. 

Of course, whenever you’re in a challenging situation, you’re entitled to your feelings and I find it’s always better to let them arise and really feel them, because ultimately it helps them move on more efficiently. Then, when you’re not fully in the grip of your emotions, remembering that there’s something about this situation that can help you be a better person will help you think and act differently.

Here’s a key takeaway for thinking about this better person principle. You ready? 

It’s what we focus on grows. 

Looking for the opportunity keeps your eyes open to what good things might be trying to emerge. And finding those opportunities is what helps you use the simple act of living your life as a personal development seminar. 

Here are a few examples from my life

A few years ago, when my husband lost his two anchor clients at the same time and his income essentially evaporated, it was scary as hell, yes, but it was also an opportunity for me to step into the breadwinner role; something that has since shaped my thinking, my skills, and my self-esteem. It was uncomfortable, and sometimes hard, but also rewarding. 

All the togetherness and stress of Covid was an opportunity for me to really take note of all the pieces of our life as a family that I valued and appreciated, that I wasn’t giving that much thought to when we were doing all that typical running around of the before times. 

Daily Tiny Assignment

Your tiny assignment is to think about something you’re facing right now that is challenging you, and give some thought to what the opportunity that’s hiding within it might be. You might have to be creative to find it, or it might be pretty obvious once you stop long enough to ponder the question.

Doing so won’t magically erase the stress of those challenges, but it will help you make sense of them, and put them to good use, and divert your attention and energy at least a little bit away from the hard parts and toward what good thing is trying to come through. And doing so helps to activate that part of you that is willing to learn and to try something new. And that is no small thing!

Come back tomorrow when I’m talking about the fourth better person principle, which is that there’s a time and a place for everything. 


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