Better 2021

A Better 2021 - Kate Hanley

Oh Mylanta, what a year we just lived through! This new year’s season isn’t like any other, because last year wasn’t like any other year. You can’t just make a resolution and call it a day.

I’ve got a four-step process that walks you through new year’s planning that’s painless, and that WORKS. It feels so good to know you’ve put some good thought into the months to come–that way, no matter what happens, you have something you can refer back to that will keep you on track and true to yourself.

I’m Kate Hanley, author of How to Be a Better Person and host of the “How to Be a Better Person” podcast. I’m also a personal development coach and yoga teacher and I am here to help you make 2021 ‘more better.’

Make 2021 so much better!

Start mapping out the year you want today.