Are You Free to be You?

free to be youAs I write this, I realize that most of you are already half-checked out, excited to be released from the daily grind for a few days to celebrate the birth of a nation founded on freedom.

To which I say, woo hoo! Nothing better than being sprung for a few days to do exactly as you darn well please.

Before you go, I just want to give a shout-out to freedom. My wish for each one of you is that you experience freedom in the most important place on Earth. No, not America (although I do love and honor this country of ours and give thanks to everyone who has worked to create and sustain it). I’m talking about your own mind.

Yes, we live in a free country, but so many of the women I talk to aren’t free in their own heads. They are constantly editing themselves, deciding what about themselves it’s OK to reveal to others, trying to play a role that clearly isn’t working, and yet they don’t know how to step out of it.

Holy heck, is that exhausting! I mean, DANG.

I get it. Keeping those true thoughts and dreams hidden comes from a well-intentioned place. All human beings, particularly women, want to be liked. Heck, we want to be loved.

And if we say what we’re really thinking, people will judge us, right? (Answer, maybe, but less than you think and the folks who do, you simply bless them and keep moving.) We hide who were are so no one can deem us not-quite-up-to-snuff in some way. And we can protect ourselves from things like being dumped, passed over, or criticized.

Truth: Nothing in this world feels better than showing up as your true self in every minute of every day. It’s the very definition of freedom.

That’s why I’ve made the whole goal of my coaching practice to help people be 100% themselves. Because when you stop trying to hide who you are, you get the best kind of freedom, including:

  • Freedom from old beliefs–things such as life is hard, money is the root of all evil, men are jerks, your worth is based on how much you get done
  • Freedom from drama—you no longer get sucked in to pettiness, because you know what is and what isn’t about you
  • Freedom from guilt—because you’re confident in the fact that exactly who you are is enough
  • Freedom from taking the expected route—no more jobs or relationships that suck the life out of you just because they’re the next ‘logical’ step

What’s left when all that stuff is out of your life?

  • Freedom to create exactly the work opportunities that jazz you up, even if they might seem preposterous to others
  • Freedom to relax and trust that when you show up 100% as yourself and do your best, the universe has your back and unseen forces come to your aid
  • Freedom to let your true thoughts and feelings fly out of your mouth
  • Freedom from expectations of when and how things should happen, which means freedom from resistance and overwhelm
  • Freedom to explore avenues that previously felt totally blocked for you

Sounds pretty good, right? Let me tell you – it is. If you’d like some of this internal freedom for yourself, join me next week on a no-strings teleclass:

100% You: How Daring to Show Up Authentically Can Help You Find Love, Work, Health, and Happiness

Date: Wednesday, July 10

Time: 12:30 pm ET / 11:30 am CT / 10:30 am MT / 9:30 am PT

Duration: 30 minutes

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I’ll share my best tips for getting freer in your mind so you can create the space and the faith for great thing to flow in.

Hope to see you there, and happy Fourth of July-ing!


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