Are There Teachers in Your Life Who Could Use a Little Appreciation?


In honor of #teacherappreciationweek, I’ve put together the Top 10 De-Stressers for Teachers.

Because, let’s face it, being in a room with up to 26 kids who all have spring fever is no walk in the park! Ha. Not to mention the incredibly important job of shaping young minds isn’t the kind of thing you ever get to tell yourself, “Yep, nailed that, time to relax.”

As we all do, teachers need ways to give themselves their own sense of peace.

In honor of the wonderful teachers in my kids’ lives and teachers everywhere, I’ve pulled together 10 of the 100 tips from my book, Stress Less. To turn into shareable social media images so that we can all spread the relaxation love to the teachers in our lives. I’m pasting a couple of my favorites, below. And you can see all 10 here. Share your favorite on social media and tag a teacher you want to send some calm to!


How to be a Better Person_FB7

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And if you’re in need of a gift for your kids’ teachers, Stress Less makes a GREAT present that they’ll use for themselves and with their kids for years to come. I know, because I’ve given it to my kids’ teachers and they tell me they dog-eared so many pages it just became one big dog ear. (Which, I’ve got to admit, is music to an author’s ears!)

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear from an actual teacher.

Stress Less is one of the BEST teacher presents I have ever received! It is FULL of GREAT mindfulness techniques that I use daily in my own personal life and with my own students! My favorite is technique Number 79: Focus on What’s Right. If students are having a tough day, I will ask them to tell me a couple of things that are going right for them at that moment. This technique has helped them (and me!) calm down and focus on something positive. It really works!” – Caroline, First Grade Teacher, Providence, RI

If you want to know you’re taking good care of the teachers in your life—and that you’ve crossed “find a year-end gift for my kids’ teachers” off your list of things to take care of:

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(If you choose this option, email me and I can send you a signed bookplate to paste into your copy before you give it.)

Or Buy a Signed Copy

I hope the end of the school year, with its flurry of performances, recitals, final projects, meetings, and celebrations, is treating you gently!


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