Announcing The Chill Tour: Let’s Get This Show on the Road!

legs out the windowAt the end of 2012, I wrote about how I downloaded and listened to a year-end visualization by my most amazing friend and colleague, Julie Zeff. (I also know from her that 15 of you also downloaded it – way to take clarity-promoting action!)

During that visualization, the word that came to me that encapsulates my approach to 2013 is TRUST. Trusting my gut, trusting the signs I get from the universe, releasing judgments, and moving forward with confidence – or at least faith when the confidence is still building.

And here are the signs I’ve been getting:

  • My favorite character (Rayna James) on my favorite show (“Nashville”) is going out on tour to start a new chapter and give herself and her family financial independence. Last week they showed her hugging her girls goodbye before climbing on the bus, and I swear a single tear dripped down my cheek, a la Demi Moore in Ghost.
  • A story I’ve been sharing again and again with clients lately centers around me taking a road trip. (Clients, you may recognize it as my quitting smoking story.)
  • I’ve been obsessed with cars lately, snapping pictures of models I like in the parking lot at the grocery store or along the route I take to my daughter’s preschool. Even though we’re not technically in the market for a car.
  • My daughter has been obsessed with, and thus I’ve been watching over and over again, Ice Age, which is all about migration and the pull to hit the road and find your herd.
  • I’ve been getting really annoyed by things that I feel are thwarting my ability to connect with my people. In particular, the director of my daughter’s school declined to send out an invitation to my retreat to my fellow moms (because it’s for-profit), and all I could think was, but this is my community, I just want to talk to my people!

So, if I’m trusting what’s calling my attention, it’s clearly getting out on the road, changing my environment, and connecting with my tribe.

That’s why I am so excited to announce the Chill Tour: Stop Wasting Energy on Stress So You Can Make Changes That Matter. I’m putting together my best stuff into a Bite-Sized Serenity for Busy Women workshop, where we’ll learn how to get quiet and hear our intuition, so we can quit worrying and start making the decisions and taking the actions that make our world and the world at large a better place.

And I’m kicking it off this Sunday in Rehoboth, Mass., which is within striking distance of Boston, Providence, the Cape, Eastern Connecticut, Southern Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, even New York City. The studio where I’m holding it is located on the premises of a quintessential New England inn, and there are rooms available for staying overnight. There are still a couple spots left, and I know 100% that those spaces are there for the exact right people (you know who you are).

This is the last full-day immersion in this material before I hit the road!

If you’re in, email me. If your gut says yes but your brain has no idea how the logistics can work, email me. And we can get tight with trust together.

After this, I’ll be in the following cities at the following times. While I have some dates set up, I’d love to add more. If you have a studio or other learning venue, are a member of a women’s group, or work for an employer who cares about keeping its people relaxed and happy, and are interested in helping your people to stop stressing and start shining, email me.

Weekend of March 1: Hartford, CT

Week of March 4th: Boston

Week of March 18th: Dallas, TX

Week of April 8: Philly and DC

Week of April 22: New York City

July: Midwest (open to suggestions of particular cities!)

October: California

I’ll share more details as they take shape.

There’s nothing more important than losing the drama that keeps you from hearing and trusting your intuition – it changes what you do and the person you are. I hope to see you in one of these locations so you can get the experience of slowing down enough to hear your gut for yourself!


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