After the Doubt Passes and You Re-Commit (A Follow-Up)

rainbowLast week I wrote about a different perspective on what’s really going on When the Doubt Shows Up.

I have a cool update on that story that I wanted to share.

(Here’s a brief recap if you didn’t read last week’s post—if you did, feel free to skip this paragraph! This weekend I’m attending Blissdom Canada, a social media conference in Toronto, tomorrow. I’ve been signed up for months and was very clear that I wanted to check it out when I bought all my tickets. Then last week I had a wave of doubt and spent a good chunk of a morning on the phone with the airline trying to change my ticket to come home early. I found out it would cost $600 to do it. What that experience ended up doing was getting me to re-commit to my initial vision of going.)

The gift that little doubt attack left by my door was that I got back to the place where I was excited about going and having fun. Within hours of getting to that point, I got an email from the folks at Blissdom.

Are you still planning on attending the conference? They asked.

Oh yes indeed, I wrote back. Why do you ask?

We’d like you to get up and give a short talk from the main stage on Saturday morning, they said.

!!!!!$*^%!!!!!, I thought. Fabulous! I replied.

See, I had submitted a proposal for speaking way back in the spring, a proposal that wasn’t selected. Until it was.

To me, there is no question that my getting back to that place of pure excitement and commitment is directly related to my proposal suddenly rising to the top of the pile.

Doubt paves the way for re-committing. And re-committing paves the way for miracles. (Click to Tweet!)

I am so pumped to share the story of how I stopped fighting with my husband over who did the dishes with the ladies at #BlissdomCA! And if there’s any part of your life where you are doubting what you thought you wanted for yourself, remember—it’s all an opportunity to get clear and make space for magic to show up.

And now, it’s back to packing. =)


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