Black Lives Matter-Acknowledging What’s Happening Now

Black Lives Matter

I support Black Lives Matter, undoing systemic racism, and doing what it takes to make our country and the world equitable. If you’re hurting in the wake of Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the too-damn-long list of black people shot and killed by police, my heart goes out to you and I stand with you. 

We all need places to turn that aren’t roiled by turmoil right now. And that you come to this podcast for inspiration and ideas. But being a better person also means making the world a better place. And I can’t not acknowledge that the world is feeling like a very mixed up fraught place right now. And the intensity of that does not appear to be lessening.

What I do know for sure is that these crazy times are calling on us to be better people. And helping to do that is my lane. 

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Do What You Can To Help

Also, I personally can’t stand it when someone I look to for guidance and mentorship on things that will make the world a better place never mentions what’s going on in the real world. A dear friend of mine and she nailed it when she said, “It makes me think, ‘What planet are you on?’” 

I don’t want to dive in to politics. That’s not my wheelhouse. I deeply value inclusivity. And having the courage to do hard things and taking on challenges that feel insurmountable. Also, using whatever tools we have available to us to contribute to making the changes we want to see. This podcast is one of my tools. We all have the power and the responsibility to do what we can to help. And I hope that the things you encounter here on this podcast help you find ways and encouragement to do just that. 

Communications In The Time Of Corona

So, in the spirit of fostering positive communications. Which–and I’m getting tired of saying this, ha–we need more than ever now, I want to give a little preview of what we’ll be talking about this week. Tomorrow, for our super practical episode, I’ll share how to ask better questions that will get people to share more with you. Wednesday, I’m interviewing Harriet Marsdon, a British journalist who covers women’s issues. (And who I have a hilarious connection to, wait till you hear this one!) about how to deal with haters. Thursday we’ll explore the power of NOT talking and how, paradoxically, it can help you find that connection. Friday I’ve got an assignment for you that may, at first, raise your hackles. That is–to talk to the canvassers who are calling you and knocking on your door and otherwise trying to disturb your peace, hahaha. 

Further Your Education And Be An Ally

 If you’d like to do a deeper dive around how to do your part to support Black Lives Matter and confront racism, I’ve got a blog post I wrote that will help you do just that. It’s called Become a Better Person on Race.  I hope you’ll check it out.


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