A Quick Ritual to Get Ready for Fall

Get Ready For Fall

The fall equinox is on September 22, 2020, making now the perfect time to do a quick ritual to help shake off summer and get ready for fall.

One of my principles of being a better person is that you always look for the opportunity that’s hiding within every tough circumstance. And right now, in September 2020, when we’re in a holding pattern, wondering whether the return to school and colder temperatures will plunge us back into lockdown, is a tough time. 

The good news is that this moment is a great position from which to take stock of what’s happened, be grateful for what you’ve got, and plant some seeds for the future. I’ve got a quick but powerful little ritual to share with you today that will help you do just that.

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Even though transitions can feel wobbly, this particular transition from summer to fall is about balance. The days and nights are about the same length. And the official start to fall, which is coming up September 22, is the fall equinox, when night and day are the exact same length.

Think about a see-saw, when you’re up you can see all of the playground. When you’re down you can only see the ground. And when you’re balanced, you can see it all. Here then is a ritual to help you use the fact that we’re at a natural balance point to really give a good look at the past, present, and future. 

My Quick Fall Ritual

Taking 10 or 15 minutes to do this now will help make the most of this little still point in time. And it will give you something to draw on in the middle of winter, when things inevitably feel darker. 

The word ritual might seem a little heavy-handed but I use it only to suggest that it’s different from something you’d do every day. 

So, to connote that this is a little out of the ordinary, do something you don’t typically do on a regular Tuesday. Like light a candle, or play some classical music. Or go sit under a tree. Nothing fancy, just a smidge special. 

Then write down your answers to these three questions: 

  1. What are five things I’m done with? Things I don’t want to bring into the new season with me.
  2.  What are five things I’m grateful for? Things that are here right now that I value.
  3. And, what five things am I seeking to grow? These are things you want more of in the            months to come. 

That’s it, that’s the whole ritual. It’s a short and sweet way to take this transitional moment in time and put it to good use, so that you feel like even though things are in flux. You know what  matters to you, what you’re no longer spending energy on, and where you’re headed. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Daily Tiny Assignment 

Well that’s your tiny assignment: set the mood and then write down five things you’re done with. Five things you’re grateful for. And five things you’re seeking to grow. 

When you’re done, either set a reminder December 22, which is the official start of winter, to review what you write down today. This will help you can see how far you’ve come (sometimes when I don’t look at these lists for a long time I forget what’s on them and then am shocked to see how much of them actually came to pass). OR, if you prefer to stay more present to these deeper thoughts, set a calendar reminder to read them once a week or even once a day. 

Also, we are headed into the last third of the year. It’s a great time to check in on any New Year’s goals or planning you did and see what you maybe need to get cooking on so that you can end 2020 not just thankful that this nutty year is over, but also that you did some stuff that’s important to you. Of course, you may look at your plans from January 2020 and laugh at just how off base your plans were–all the more reason to do a little check in now, in this mini version of the new year.

Eat For Transitional Support

Be sure to come back tomorrow when I’m interviewing my go-to nutritionist Mary Sheila Gonnella, for her expert opinion on what we should be eating and doing now to help us stay steady during this transitional time. 


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