A Mind-Opening Invitation


As a mindset coach, a-ha moments and mind-opening experiences are what I live for. Like when a client sees how the thing that comes so naturally to her is actually a highly valuable and desirable asset; or how she is unconsciously perpetuating the thing that’s driving her crazy. And then she (or he, I do work with men and love it) says, “Oh! I never thought about it that way before.”

It’s music to my ears, I’ve got to say.

That’s why I have absolutely loved reading the newest book by Katy Bowman, a biomechamist and movement educator whom I interviewed so many times when I was writing about health and fitness for women’s magazines that we became friends. She’s written a slew of bestsellers, all of them the perfect combination of inspiring and informative, and all about how to treat your body better by moving more and more mindfully.

But Katy’s latest book, Movement Matters, is different. It’s a collection of essays that draws the connection between the way that we move our bodies—or don’t—each day and the health of our community, our species, and our planet.

It’s deep, y’all. In the very best, mind-tickling, way.

Katy has spent years diving into the specifics of how bodies move so that she could come back and teach us all how to move our bodies better, so that we have less pain, greater resilience, lower stress, all that good stuff. But clearly, all that time diving in to specifics has led her to connect dots that reach all the way to the horizon and back—this book is big-picture thinking at its finest and I had several major flashes of insight and understanding while reading it. It’s a game changer, because you really can’t un-think the ideas this book introduces you to.

I loved the book so much I want to call Katy on the phone and dig in to the some of the ideas she presents in it and ask how did you freaking come up with this and write it all down so clearly?!?

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. And you’re invited to listen in.

Join Katy and I next Monday, December 19th at 2pm ET/11 am PT as I ask her:

  • You refer to movement as a “vital nutrient” – what do you mean by that exactly?
  • How does society encourage us to move less?
  • What are the costs of this trend toward sedentarism?
  • How can a busy person start to move more?
  • How do you personally engage with awareness, acceptance and resistance, and how can these concepts help us make changes that benefit us and the world at large?

Here’s the link to go sign up.

You need to sign up for the call so that I can send you reminders, and a link to listen to the recording if you miss it or want to re-listen.

If you know someone who might be interested in this mind-opening invitation, share this link with them! Katy is not only a super smart woman, she’s also incredibly generous, motivating, and funny. I know you’ll get off this call having had an a-ha moment of your own. And what’s better than that?


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