4 Excellent Reasons to Love Your Period

28 Days Lighter DietWell I hope that subject line got your attention!

As some of you know, I have a book coming out soon and it’s at long-last time to talk about it. Hooray!

The book is The 28 Days Lighter Diet: Your Monthly Plan to Lose Weight, End PMS, and Achieve Physical and Emotional Wellness.

It’s all about how to sync your diet, fitness, and mind-body pursuits to your cycle, so you can work with your body instead of beating it in to submission.

If you’ve got PMS that just won’t quit, stress levels that never recede, pounds that just won’t budge, or issues with your lady parts, the info in this book is designed to help you find your way to radiant health.

I wrote it with the most-excellent Ellen Barrett (if you’ve ever done an exercise DVD, you’ve probably worked out with her, she’s a great mind-body fitness professional –and so much more — who combines the mindfulness of yoga with the precision of ballet and the whole-body awareness of Pilates). We wrote it because it was the book we wanted to find on bookstore shelves, but it hadn’t been written yet.

And now I’m going to stop talking about it. =) I’ll let the video trailer we produced tell you a little more.

The book is officially available January 14, 2014, but I just got word today that orders on Amazon have begin to ship! I have to say it makes a great holiday present – I mean, what better gift could you give than a little period peace?!

Click here to order via Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.

Here’s a teeny tiny little preview of the book. May it help you view the arrival of your next cycle with a little more lightness and – dare I say it – gratitude.

Four Reasons to Love Your Period

  1. It gives you the power of arousal and desire and the ability to decide on a day-to-day basis exactly when you’d like to get it on. If we didn’t have monthly cycles, we’d be like deer or other estrous animals, who all come “in heat” at only certain times of the year.
  2. It’s a permission slip from the universe to relax, bow out of obligations, and do exactly as you darn well please one to two days a month.
  3. The week leading up to your period—otherwise known as PMS—brings your real thoughts about things right up to the surface, where they can be expressed, so you can change what needs to be changed and say what needs to be said. The traditional female character traits of “being nice” and “keeping the peace” fly right out the window right on schedule each month, and as long as you honor your feelings and don’t try to stuff them down with a bag of chips, you can really harness the power of pre-menstruation to take a stand for what you need.
  4. It makes life so interesting, giving us access to three major archetypes—mother, vixen, wise woman—that we can channel in our behavior, activities, even clothes. It gives us permission to show up differently at different times during our cycle, encouraging us to embrace our wild side, get in touch with our inner wisdom, and focus on getting things done and taking care of others. And it means we don’t have to worry about being a mother, vixen, and wise woman all at once. We can space out our various incarnations, and stop trying to be all things to all people all the time. Phew.

For more of where that came from – including an eating and exercise plan for each week of the month that feels exactly right and not at all like punishment (boo for punishment), check out the book!

Click here to order via Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.


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