ICYMI Calm the Eff Down: Lower Stress Levels

Lower Stress Levels

Since the pandemic is as bad or even worse than it’s ever been, I’m replaying 10 of my favorite episodes from the Calm the Eff Down series that I ran in early April during the first Covid wave. Each day from now until December 11th, I’ll share one simple thing you can do to lower stress levels and deal with the uncertainty with grace. 

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I’ll be back with new episodes on December 14th to help us process this cuckoo bananas year and start 2021 off with clear eyes and full hearts, as Coach from Friday Night Lights would say. 

Wish You Could Have Unlimited Access To These Exercises to Help Lower Your Stress Level??

If you’d like a pretty e-book with all the Calm the Eff Down exercises included in these episodes— so you never have to wonder what you could do to feel better–visit katehanley.com/calmdown. It’s yours for free. 

Looking For A Meaningful Holiday Gift?

And if you’d like 401 ways to make a difference in yourself and the world, check out  my book, How to Be a Better Person, which  makes a great holiday gift to yourself. 

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this chance to catch up on episodes you may have missed.


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