You’re invited to one helluva party…

Party HatIt’s almost 2013 and it’s time we turned the world on its head.

This is a call to every woman, everywhere, ready to

  • ignite your passion,
  • turn up the heat on your pleasure and
  • tap into your magnificent, miracle-making feminine power

Every woman, everywhere, who’s done playing a wallflower to life.

Are you ready?

Let’s do it.

You’re invited to a once in a lifetime event:

The Pleasure, Passion and Feminine Power Party!

featuring me and 22 other Goddess Game Changers taking you on a wild ride into the depths of desire, the heart of feminine force and the practice of pleasure.

Sign up here.

This party is for you if you’re done:

  • holding back so others don’t freak out
  • keeping your passion buried inside where no one else can see it
  • ignoring your desires and tamping down your pleasure
  • making next to nothing for dreams worth a helluva lot more
  • living someone else’s life for someone else’s love
  • letting crap & b.s. thinking keep you from living a wild, fully-expressed, kick-ass life

You can change the game.

It’s your time.

Join us.

This party is dedicated to all girls everywhere that they may know the secret to:

  • success,
  • full-on living,
  • having, being and doing whatever the hell they want…

lies in their pleasure, their passion and their feminine force.

Let’s shake things up and create a new planet of possibilities.

Let’s party.

RSVP here.

Hope to see you there!

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