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Your Mess Is Your Message

When we moved to Providence four years ago, I was nervous to tell the people I met what I did. What would happen if I told them I was a coach and the author of a book on reducing your… more →

The Busier You Are, the More You Need This

“The degree to which you do not believe you have time to spend ten minutes sitting quietly is the degree to which you desperately need to spend ten minutes sitting quietly.”  — Donna Farhi, in Bringing Yoga to Life It’s… more →

Stop Overwhelm In Its Tracks With This Question

  Feeling overwhelmed is the pits. It feels like there is so much coming at you that you are drowning, you are powerless, you are rendered incapable of even thinking clearly. Which makes overwhelm extremely tricky, because how can you… more →

MsMindbody’s Holiday Gift Guide

This year, I set out to find gifts that are helpful, healthful, and pretty and/or fun. Here are my favorites. I love them for their ability to help the people we care about relax, take care of themselves, and feel energized.

Self-Care Shout-Outs

If you practice an ancient self-care ritual–such as yoga or tai chi–think of all the people who have talked to one another over the last three thousand years, keeping the discipline alive and making your practice possible.

Weird Ways to Meditate

Einstein said he did his best thinking while shaving. I’d argue that what he was doing wasn’t actually thinking. It was meditating.

My Kind of Stress Relief: A Wine Meditation

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: It ain’t easy to meditate regularly. I’ve finally learned to pick something I do every day that requires me to sit still and turn that into my meditation. For example, my nightly glass of wine.

Operation Meditation

The truth is some days I completely forgot to meditate. Oops. But that’s the one of the great lessons meditation has to teach: When you get off track, all you have to do is simply start again.

What I Learned in 8 Weeks of Sitting Still

Turns out my visions of me tapping away at the computer while the baby sleeps in his bassinet was a fantasy. In reality, baby Teddy hasn’t been interested in sleeping unless someone—namely, me—is holding him.