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Your Mess Is Your Message

When we moved to Providence four years ago, I was nervous to tell the people I met what I did. What would happen if I told them I was a coach and the author of a book on reducing your… more →

What I’ve Learned After Two Days Alone

As I write this, I’ve been on a solo writing retreat in Brunswick, Maine for almost 48 hours. It is heaven. Here’s what I love about it: No interruptions Don’t have to talk to anyone, much less three people at… more →

What Would Super Kate Do?

My parents divorced when I was 8. So my dear Dad, who wanted to give me a little extra oomph during those tough times, had a shirt that said Super Kate! made up for me at the local T-shirt shop.

Crawling Out of a Blue Funk

You know that book project I’d been hinting about? The one that had me so excited? A month ago, the publisher canceled the contract.