I Want to Check Email Less. Can You Help?

The last several weeks have been some of my busiest writing weeks ever, coupled with way more travel than I normally do. This is not a complaint; it has all been really cool opportunities. A side benefit of this flurry… more →

4 Ways to Build Your Trust Muscles

So much of being able to stay grounded and in this moment boils down to trust—that things will work out, that you’re doing the right thing, that life is on your side. It’s when you don’t trust that things are… more →

7 Ways to Build Focus

I am in the happy predicament of having two book projects—one of my own, and one for a ghostwriting clients—that have the same aggressive deadline. (It’s kind of like exams for me at the moment—and honestly, I always loved exams…. more →

Slow Down to Speed Up

Let’s just imagine a scenario where you felt like you had so much to do that the only way to get through it was to sit down every possible second you could and bang it out. You can picture it,… more →